NaturEner USA and NaturEner Canada develop and operate utility scale renewable projects in North America. Using advanced renewable integration solutions and leveraging ownership of strategic transmission positions, we unlock and optimize renewable generation.

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Since 2006, NaturEner USA has been unlocking development opportunities by planning, building and integrating large renewable energy projects. We work with local governments, communities, landowners and other stakeholders to deploy clean energy in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. We operate 399 MW of wind in Montana and are actively developing sites in Alberta, Canada.

  • Headquarters

    San Francisco, California

    Main office and NOC

  • Glacier Wind 1

    Glacier, Montana:

    106.5 MW, COD December 2008

  • Glacier Wind 2

    Glacier, Montana:

    103.5 MW, COD: October 2009

  • Rim Rock

    Toole, Montana:

    189 MW, COD December 2012

  • Calgary Office

    Calgary, Canada:
  • Wild Rose 1

    Cypress County, Alberta:

    210 MW Fully Permitted and Construction Ready

  • Buffalo Trail Wind

    100 MW - Early Stage Development

  • Ross Creek Wind

    100 MW - Early Stage Development

  • Wild Rose 2

    Cypress County, Alberta:

    210 MW Fully Permitted and Construction Ready

  • MATL

    Transmission Line:

    Own northbound capacity (300 MW). COD October 2013

  • Prairie Home

    Early development

We invest for the long term and commit to making a positive impact by hiring local staff, adhering to the needs of communities, and protecting the natural environment.


San Francisco, California

Main office and NOC

Glacier Wind 1

Glacier, Montana

106.5 MW, COD December 2008

Glacier Wind 2

Glacier, Montana

103.5 MW, COD: October 2009

Rim Rock

Toole, Montana

189 MW, COD December 2012

Calgary Office

Calgary, Canada

Wild Rose 1

Cypress County, Alberta

210 MW Fully Permitted and Construction Ready

Buffalo Trail Wind

100 MW - Early Stage Development

Ross Creek Wind

100 MW - Early Stage Development

Wild Rose 2

Cypress County, Alberta

210 MW Fully Permitted and Construction Ready

Prairie Home

Early Development


Own northbound capacity (300 MW). COD October 2013


Own northbound capacity (300 MW). COD October 2013



NOC (NaturEner Operating Center), the epicenter of our operations, has recently deployed GE’s “full suite” E-Terra redundant utility grade Energy Management System (EMS). Operating 24/7, our WECC/NERC certified platform delivers a full suite of services required to integrate NaturEner USA’s portfolio of assets.

Scheduling and balancing capabilities and services include:

NaturEner USA's wind-only Balancing Authorities, NaturEner Power Watch, LLC and NaturEner WindWatch, LLC, have provided stable and robust support to NaturEner USA’s energy integration activities since 2008 and 2012 (respectively). The NOC works day and night to maximize its output and deliver high value generation products in a reliable and compliant manner.

NaturEner USA has prototyped and deployed our products and services for over eight years. We are proud and optimistic as we lead the charge in building a clean energy future for the next generation.


We take an active role in the communities and environments we operate in. Our environmental and community stewardship programs go above and beyond what is required: We believe in investing in the land and in the people who make NatureEner possible.

Avian Conservation Program

From adaptive design to extensive voluntary biomonitoring, NaturEner USA has proven itself as an industry leader in conservation. We go above and beyond to protect local raptor populations, and we’ve developed extensive monitoring and conservation programs for eagles, bats and waterfowl at all our sites.

Our objective with every wind farm is to site, design, construct, and operate in an environmentally sustainable manner by avoiding or minimizing any adverse impacts to wildlife and their habitats. We aim to understand the natural conditions of each unique site. We solicit input from governmental and naturalist organizations as our conservation programs grow and evolve.

Landowners and Community development

Through partnership with NaturEner, landowners enjoy financial, environmental, and social benefits

Our team has a successful history of working with landowners to develop and operate wind farms throughout North America. NaturEner USA’s projects are both environmentally and financially beneficial. We are committed to developing positive and trusting partnerships with landowners that will last for the lifetime of each energy project.

Local communities thriving

Local communities enjoy new opportunities and great benefits from our renewable energy projects. In all our projects, NaturEner USA works together with community members to develop renewable energy solutions that benefit us all.

The benefits of our renewable energy projects extend to the local towns, counties and states where we work. We create new jobs, improve roads and other infrastructure, contribute to local tax jurisdictions, and provide new business opportunities for local retailers and service providers.

Strong community relations and open communication are fundamental to the success of our work. From the beginning of each project, our teams keep stakeholders abreast of their progress and foster an open dialogue with community members to address concerns and expectations.

Our Leadership

  • José María Sánchez Seara

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    As President & CEO, José María is responsible for running all facets of the businesses.

    Prior to joining NaturEner USA ten years ago, José María held executive management positions in the European energy sector, where he was responsible for strategy, growth and development, engineering, sales, and overall business relationships. He was a founding partner for Proyectos De Cogeneración, S.L., DeWind Iberia S.A. and Proyedeco Ingeniería y Servicios, S.L. He began his career two decades ago at Deutz Energy in Spain.

    José María has sat on different boards of companies developing and operating cogeneration, hydro, solar and wind energy projects. He earned his degree in Naval Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Since 2010, he’s been a member of the YPO (Young Presidents Organization), SF Bay chapter.

    “Wind power could supply more than several times current worldwide consumption of electricity and total global use of energy in all forms,” he says. “And levelized cost of renewable electricity is cheaper than fossil fuel-based electricity, even without considering some other benefits. Time to move on.”

  • Candace Saffery Neufeld

    Chief Operating Officer

    As Chief Operating Officer, Candace is responsible for the performance, health and safety of all operating assets and activities including our wind farms in Montana, our NOC (NaturEner Operating Center), our two Balancing Authorities and our world class Environment and Conservation programs. A results oriented work enthusiast, she drives high performance, analytics and dynamic growth across the organization.

    Candace has 15 years of senior management experience in the renewable energy space, including executive leadership roles at NRG Home Solar and Pure Energies. A key player in the early stage growth at Sungevity, she joined the company as the third employee and developed trend setting products such as the iQuote and OurSungevity while building teams and raising funds. Candace has extensive experience in raising capital, M&A and managing change.

    She earned her Executive MBA from the University of Western Ontario and a degree in Chemistry from Trinity Western University.

    “The realization of renewable energy fundamentally disrupts the essence of the doomsday environmental narrative,” she says. “It shows we are capable of change. The future is ours to shape.”

  • Marc DeNarie

    Chief Information Officer

    As Chief Information Officer, Marc is responsible for all of NaturEner's information and operational technologies, cyber security, and compliance.

    A veteran of the public and federal utility energy sectors, Marc has three decades of experience in executive management, technical leadership, and power operations management. Before joining NaturEner, he was Regional Information Officer for the U.S. Department of Energy in the Sierra Nevada region, where he proposed and managed multiple large-scale technology initiatives. During that time, he also chaired the Critical Information and Infrastructure Management subcommittee.

    Marc is well known throughout the western United States for his expertise in control system architectural design, deployment and operations. He has extensive experience with the smart grid, grid automation and the integration of renewable generation. During his post at Hawaiian Electric Industries in 2012, Marc was instrumental in developing reliability standards throughout the islands, and he integrated the first wind farm on Maui in 2005.

    Marc began his career at Pacific Gas & Electric in 1986. He holds degrees in Computer Science, Data Processing, and Information Technology Management. Marc has also earned internationally recognized certifications in information systems, secure software, systems and network auditing, wireless network auditing, incident handling, and forensic analysis.

  • Nancy Murray

    Chief Legal and Compliance Officer

    As Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, Nancy is responsible for overseeing all the legal and regulatory affairs of the business and its development projects.

    Prior to joining NaturEner, Nancy served as Deputy General Counsel at Calpine Corporation, one of the largest independent power producers in the United States, where she was involved in everything from the acquisition, development, financing, construction, operation, and marketing of power from geothermal and natural gas power plants. Earlier in her career, Nancy was a partner in the Project Development Group at Thelen Reid & Priest, where she developed expertise in corporate governance, project acquisition and development, real estate, securities, energy regulatory compliance, and commodity marketing and trading law.

    Nancy earned her J.D. from Boalt Hall, University of California at Berkeley, and a degree in Humanities. from the University of Chicago.

  • Chris Hodge

    Senior Vice President, Business Development - NaturEner USA & Canada

    As SVP of Business Development, Chris is responsible for all commercial transactions associated with the businesses’ project portfolio, and he oversees asset acquisition and optimization, transmission management, regulatory support, and strategy design.

    Before joining NaturEner, Chris managed business development at Shell Trading, focusing primarily on developing proprietary products and hedging strategies to support all group trading activities. At Shell, he played a significant role in the overall growth of the portfolio and managed all aspects of the transaction process: development, marketing, contract negotiation, and implementation of the physical aspects of ongoing commitments.

    Chris earned a degree in History from the University of California, Berkeley.

    “As the nation begins to evolve away from its dependence on coal generation, it will be critical for us to demonstrate that the right combination of renewables and operating assets, enabled with the right technology and experience, can provide a long term and reliable source of carbon neutral power,” he says. “Now is the time to demonstrate the comprehensive value they bring to the energy equation.”

  • Greg Copeland

    Vice President, Development - NaturEner USA

    As the Vice President of Development, Greg oversees the development of renewable resources across the U.S.

    Greg joined NaturEner in 2008 following successful careers in hydro and solar development, domestic and international environmental assessment and remediation, and nuclear energy operation, maintenance and refueling. He has held a number of executive management positions in operations, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, environmental health and safety, and engineering management. Greg also served 12 years in the United States Navy in a variety of leadership positions, where his final role included providing regulatory oversight and monitoring of contractor nuclear power plant operations, maintenance, and training.

    Greg earned his degree in Nuclear Engineering Technology from the Naval Reactor's Engineering Institute.

    “When renewable energy becomes a substantial portion of our national energy mix, it will help to ensure that the less fortunate members of society will not have to choose between heating their house or feeding their kids,” he says. “I’m excited that renewable energy projects help to diversify the income sources for farmers and ranchers so that inter-generational transfers of traditional family farming operations can actually be realized.”

  • Shannon Wever

    Vice President, Development - NaturEner Canada

    As Vice President of Renewables Development for Canada, Shannon is responsible for our wind and solar developments in Canada and manages our Calgary based office.

    Shannon has 16 years of experience in the Canadian electricity sector with much of that time focused both on the Alberta electricity market and in wind energy development, but also other technologies including solar, hydro and gas fired electricity projects. Shannon has led the technical and commercial development of new electricity projects across Canada and the western U.S. with new power generation business development teams with a number of Alberta based power generation companies.

    In recognition of Shannon’s leadership in the wind energy sector in Canada, she was elected in 2011 to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Wind Energy Association.

    Shannon started her career with the federal government in the areas of environmental assessment and aboriginal treaty negotiations in British Columbia.

    Shannon earned a MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management at the Erasmus University in the Netherlands, a master’s degree in Environmental Science from Murdoch University in Australia, and an undergraduate bachelor of science degree in Physical Geography and Ecology from the University of Calgary.

    Shannon is based in Calgary, Alberta.

    “What excites me most about renewable energy is the possibility that in my lifetime we can transition our sources of electricity to cleaner technologies like wind and solar”.

  • Rosaura Velasquez

    Director of Human Resources - NaturEner USA & Canada

    As Director of Human Resources, Rosaura is responsible for all aspects of HR functions.

    Rosaura brings more than ten years of experience in employee relations, benefits administration and recruiting to her role. Prior to joining NaturEner, she held senior HR positions in the food & beverage and advertising industries. She has extensive experience designing and implementing HR programs in a start-up environment and managing diverse workforces.

    Rosaura earned a master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Golden Gate University and a degree in Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University. She also received a Professional Human Resource (PHR) certification from Society of Human Resource Management.

Join our team

If you want to join an exciting team that is actively developing clean energy projects, driving innovative renewable power integration solutions and tenaciously protecting the relationships we have with the local communities and environment, we want to hear from you! Take a look at our current job openings.

If you don’t see the perfect fit but feel you have something to offer NaturEner USA, please reach out. We are always looking for bright, motivated people to join our team and help create the next generation of renewable energy products.

Open positions

  • Balancing Authority Operator/Dispatcher

    Job Purpose/Position Summary

    Responsible for managing Balancing Authority (BA), Generator Owner (GO), and Generator Operator (GOP) operations, forecasting, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting real-time functions from NaturEner’s Operations Center (NOC). These functions are associated with the real-time operation of the Company’s balancing authorities, generation projects, and scheduling of third-party energy resources, while ensuring grid reliability and continuous compliance with all NERC and WECC BA, GO, and GOP reliability standard requirements.

    Duties and responsibilities

    • Serve as NaturEner’s representative for grid reliability of real-time Company BA, GO, and GOP Operations, and third-party energy resources from the Company’s 24/7 Operations Center
    • Maintain a formal log of real-time activities as defined by the Company
    • Monitor and operate the Company’s facilities, balancing authorities and generation projects in compliance with applicable NERC and WECC BA, GO, and GOP reliability standards, and adhering to Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) security measures
    • Follow Company protocols regarding the forecasting of energy production and BA control as appropriate to off-take arrangements
    • Schedule energy with counterparties as appropriate, utilizing electronic tagging (e­tagging) requirements
    • Purchase transmission through OASIS and implement associated energy e-tagging
    • Manage and purchase reserve positions and ancillary commercial products through bi­ lateral contracts, system interfaces/markets, and/or reserve sharing group (RSG)/ Regional Area Control Error (ACE) control arrangements
    • Operate generation projects to effectively fulfill commercial scheduling, operating, and transaction obligations
    • Serve as liaison between reliability entities and commercial partners to ensure proper balance and optimization of assets given reliability constraints
    • Support the operations, work clearances, substation activities, and maintenance activities by actively managing plant availability and reliability, coordinating outages and including use of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and logging
    • Ensure NaturEner’s logging and work safety procedures are followed and work site is safe for all employees, customers, subcontractors, and the public
    • Monitor, schedule, and manage Company switching operations and procedures
    • Perform third-party scheduling services for other generation projects
    • Accommodate the Company’s environmental protection activities in conjunction with managing Control Performance Standards
    • Support reporting/settlement duties for the Company’s generation projects and third­party generation operations projects, as requested
    • Successfully complete training related to defined Company-specific job tasks and NERC training as required by NERC PER-005
    • Maintain NERC System Operator Certification (Balancing and Interchange Operator or Reliability Operator) at all times
    • Complete continuing education hours required to maintain NERC System Operator Certification
    • Take appropriate actions as needed during routine and emergency operations to ensure the reliability of the BA areas including those actions necessary to address operating emergencies, to alleviate capacity and energy emergencies, and to support the reliability of the Bulk Electric System
    • Perform special assignments and additional duties as requested
    • Qualifications
      • Bachelor’s degree in energy/environmental studies, economics, business, finance, electrical engineering, or other relevant degree and/or successful experience as a System Operator or supervisor in a BA, or equivalent combination of education and additional experience
      • Current NERC System Operator Certification required (Balancing and Interchange Operator or Reliability Operator)
      • Experience as a Power System Operator with a proven ability to excel at the role and responsibilities of a System Operator
      • 3+ years of BAA experience including Energy Management System (EMS) experience in a BA environment preferred
      • Must be willing to work in a 24-hour operations environment with flexible work scheduling
      • Must be adaptable to change
      • Must be highly detail-oriented
      • Wind generation experience strongly desired
      • Power scheduling experience including use of OASIS and e-tagging strongly desired
      • Experience in high voltage grid, control, and switching operations preferred
      • Experience in the power industry in areas such as energy markets (in WECC interconnection preferred), power plant generation, grid operations and maintenance, BA operations and control, transmission, and wind forecasting preferred
      • Experience with power management OT systems [SCADA, EMS, Automatic Generation Control (AGC), PI, Versify, etc.] preferred
      • Experience with the Alston EMS system preferred
      • Familiarity with high voltage safety and switching practices and procedures
      • Adept and experienced at working in a team environment


      • Strong communication skills; ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing
      • Strong business acumen and ability to optimize variables
      • Solid analytical skills
      • Proven ability to effectively manage and direct emergency operations

    Ability to perform well under tight deadlines and emergency conditions, and to make prudent decisions in a time-compressed environment

      • Ability to effectively coordinate/manage multiple tasks simultaneously
      • Excellent computer capabilities

      Location/Working conditions

      Works in the NaturEner Operations Center in San Francisco, California

      Works in a CIP-compliant environment requiring implementation of limited access protocols and other security measures

      Typically works 12.5 hour shifts, with additional flex time work scheduling

      Works a shift schedule that includes nights, weekends, and holidays

      Works alone and independently at the NOC when on shift

      Physical requirements

      Must be physically capable of managing NaturEner BA control systems

      Must be physically able to communicate effectively with operational partners using phone, electronic, and written methods

      Must be able to lift up to 25 pounds

      Direct reports



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