NaturEner USA Deploys e-terra Energy Management System by GE

One of the nation’s leading clean energy companies just took its operating capabilities to the next level with a brand-new energy management system that will make renewable grid integration more nimble, sophisticated and scalable.

NaturEner USA is pleased to announce the successful deployment of GE’s’ “full suite,” an e-terra redundant utility grade Energy Management System (EMS). The platform from GE Energy Connections’ Grid Solutions business represents the most sophisticated and scalable EMS on the market today. Its range of advanced applications provides unique capabilities that can meet the demands of NaturEner’s highly customized wind energy integration and operational strategies.

NaturEner Chief Information Officer Marc DeNarie says the EMS deployment represents a powerful step forward for the company.  “The commitment to advanced renewable asset integration techniques and the dedication to achieve efficient reliable operation of the portfolio of assets represents the most advanced thinking I have seen in my years of experience,” he says. “It is deployments like this that will enable the next round of renewable investments to become a reality.”

A mature North American renewable IPP with more than 7 years of operating experience, NaturEner is the nation’s first clean energy brand to design and successfully implement a “wind only” Balancing Authority (BA). The new EMS, and the recent NERC re-certification of NaturEner’s two BAs, will power NaturEner toward a “next gen” suite of technology integration that combines real-time balancing of wind generation assets with regional grid characteristics and demands.

“NaturEner USA’s innovative deployment of these BAs identified and unlocked deep potential in the Montana wind energy market, and it has the potential to unlock future developments across the entire WECC territory, as well as other jurisdictions,” says NaturEner USA’s CEO, José María Sánchez Seara.

NaturEner operates its BAs from its 7×24 NaturEner Operations Center (NOC) in California. The NOC drives an innovative operating model to solve for intermittent energy flows while still remaining compliant with all current industry standards and protocols. “The spectrum of inputs and consequences that are managed by the NaturEner USA team are massive, and must be conducted in real time, in full compliance with all regulatory protocols,” says Candace Saffery Neufeld, NaturEner USA’s Chief Operating Officer. “The powerful convergence of our unique operating strategies, innovative technology and highly effective teams is revolutionizing how renewable power is being introduced to the grid.”

With another 400 MW of late stage development in the province of Alberta, Canada, NaturEner is set to more than double its investment in long term sustainable energy deployments. The whole NaturEner team is thrilled about its relationship with GE and the new opportunities its EMS will provide for its platform.

About NaturEner

NaturEner USA owns and operates 399 MW of wind assets in Montana. NaturEner manages and integrates the production from its Glacier Wind and Rim Rock projects through its wind-only Balancing Authorities, PowerWatch and WindWatch, operated from NaturEner’s Operations Center (NOC), a fully enabled, state-of-the-art, 24/7 facility. The NOC supports all BA and Regulatory activities, forecasting and remote operations for NaturEner’s operating assets.

For more information, please contact NaturEner at or 415.217.5500