System Operator – San Francisco, CA

Job Purpose/Position Summary

This position’s primary purpose is to manage Balancing Authority (BA), Generator Owner (GO), and Generator Operator (GOP) operations, forecasting, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting real-time functions from the Company’s Operations Center (OC). These functions are associated with the real-time operation of the Company’s balancing authorities, generation projects, and scheduling of third-party energy resources, while ensuring grid reliability and continuous compliance with all NERC and WECC BA, GO, and GOP reliability standard requirements.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Serve as the Company’s representative for grid reliability of real-time Company BA, GO, and GOP operations, and third party energy resources from the Company’s 24/7 OC.
  • Maintain a formal log of real-time activities as defined by the Company
  • Monitor and operate the Company’s facilities, balancing authorities and generation projects in compliance with applicable NERC and WECC BA, GO, and GOP reliability standards, and adhering to Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) security measures
  • Follow Company protocols regarding the forecasting of energy production and BA control as appropriate to off-take arrangements
  • Schedule energy with counter-parties as appropriate, utilizing electronic tagging (e-tagging) requirements.
  • Purchase transmission through OASIS and implement associated energy e-tagging
  • Manage and purchase reserve positions and ancillary commercial products through bi-lateral contracts, system interfaces/markets, and/or reserve sharing group (RSG)/ Regional Area Control Error (ACE) control arrangements.
  • Operate generation projects to effectively fulfill commercial scheduling, operating, and transaction obligations.
  • Serve as liaison between reliability entities and commercial partners to ensure proper balance and optimization of assets given reliability constraints.
  • Support the operations, work clearances, substation activities, and maintenance activities by actively managing plant availability and reliability, coordinating outages and including use of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and logging.
  • Adhere to Company logging and work safety procedures are followed and work site is safe for all employees, customers, subcontractors, and the public
  • Monitor, schedule, and manage Company switching operations and procedures.
  • Perform third-party scheduling services for other generation projects.
  • Accommodate the Company’s environmental protection activities in conjunction with managing Control Performance Standards.
  • Support reporting/settlement duties for the Company’s generation projects and third-party generation operations projects, as requested.
  • Successfully complete training related to defined Company-specific job tasks and NERC training as required by NERC PER-005.
  • Perform special assignments and additional duties, as assigned
  • Maintain NERC System Operator Certification (Balancing and Interchange Operator or Reliability Operator) at all times.
  • Complete continuing education hours required to maintain NERC System Operator Certification.
  • Given that operators have the responsibility and the authority to take actions which, in the System Operator’s judgment, are needed during routine or emergency operations to ensure the reliability of the BA areas, including those actions necessary to address operating emergencies, to alleviate capacity and energy emergencies, and to support the reliability of the Bulk Electric System, operate prudently and exercise sound operating judgment in the interests of the Company.


  • Experience as a Power System Operator (with three years BAA experience preferred including Energy Management System (EMS) experience, in a BA environment) with a proven ability to excel at the role and responsibilities of a System Operator. Wind generation experience strongly desired.
  • Current NERC System Operator Certification required (Balancing and Interchange Operator or Reliability Operator)
  • Bachelor’s degree in energy/environmental studies, economics, business, finance, electrical engineering, or other relevant degree and/or successful experience as a system operator or supervisor in a BA or equivalent combination of education and additional experience.
  • Experience preferred in high voltage grid, control, and switching operations
  • Experience preferred in the power industry in areas such as energy markets (in WECC interconnection preferred), power plant generation, grid operations and maintenance, BA operations and control, transmission, and wind forecasting. Power scheduling experience strongly desired, including use of OASIS and e-tagging.
  • Solid analytical skills and excellent computer capabilities
  • Experience with power management OT systems (SCADA, EMS, Automatic Generation Control (AGC), PI, Versify, etc.) preferred
  • Experience with the Alston EMS system preferred.


  • Strong business acumen and ability to optimize variables
  • Multi-tasking, adaptable to change, and detail-oriented
  • Familiarization with high voltage safety and switching practices and procedures
  • Adept and experienced in working in a teamwork environment
  • Proven ability to effectively manage and direct emergency operations
  • Performs well under tight deadlines and emergency conditions, is capable of making decisions in a time compressed environment.
  • Strong communication skills for voice and electronic communications within the Company and with third-party entities, including the use of three-part communication
  • Willingness to work in a 24-hour operations environment and flexible work scheduling

Working conditions (Location /Conditions)

  • Company BA and GOP OC in San Francisco
  • CIP-compliant environment requiring implementation of limited access protocols and other security measures
  • 12.5 hour shifts, with additional flex time work scheduling
  • Shift schedule that includes nights, weekends, holidays, etc.
  • Working alone and independently at the OC when on shift

Physical requirements

  • Ability to actively manage NaturEner BA control systems and to communicate effectively with operational partners using phone, electronic, and written methods
  • Ability to function in an office environment
  • Ability to lift 25 pounds.
  • Ability to sit for long periods of time.

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