System Operator – San Francisco, CA


  • Serve as the Company’s representative for grid reliability of real-time Company Balancing Authority (BA), Generator Owner (GO), and Generator Operator (GOP) operations, and third party energy resources from the Company’s 24/7 OC.
    Maintain a formal log of real-time activities as defined by the Company.
    Monitor and operate the Company’s facilities, 2 balancing authorities and generation projects in compliance with applicable NERC and WECC BA, GO, and GOP reliability standards, and adhering to Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) security measures.
    Follow Company protocols regarding the forecasting of energy production and BA control as appropriate to off-take arrangements.
    Schedule energy with counter-parties as appropriate, utilizing electronic tagging (e-tagging) requirements.
    Purchase transmission through OASIS and implement associated energy e-tagging. Operate generation projects to effectively fulfill commercial scheduling, operating, and transaction obligations.
    Serve as liaison between reliability entities and commercial partners to ensure proper balance and optimization of assets given reliability constraints.
    Support the operations, work clearances, substation activities, and maintenance activities by actively managing plant availability and reliability, coordinating outages and including use of the Energy Management System (EMS) , Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and logging.
    Adhere to Company logging and work safety procedures are followed and work site is safe for all employees, customers, subcontractors, and the public. Monitor, schedule, and manage Company switching operations and procedures.
  • Perform third-party scheduling and reliability services for other generation projects.
  • Accommodate the Company’s environmental protection activities in conjunction with managing Disturbance Control and Control Performance Standards.
  • Support reporting/settlement duties for the Company’s generation projects and third-party generation operations projects, as requested.
  • Maintain NERC System Operator Certification (Reliability Coordinator Operator or Balancing and Interchange) at all times.
  • Travel to various unanticipated operations sites is required.
  • Employer will accept an Associate’s degree in Electrical Engineering Technology or a closely-related field of concentration plus 2 years’ experience in job offered or Reliability Operator – related occupation.
  • Experience must include 2 years’ experience with the following:
    • 1) High voltage grid, control, and switching operations;
    • 2) Energy markets, power plant generation, grid operations and maintenance;
    • 3) Wind generation;
    • 4) Balance Authority operations and control, transmission operations, and wind forecasting;
    • 5) Power scheduling including using OASIS, e-tagging and interchange scheduling software;
    • 6) Power management systems including SCADA, EMS, Automatic Generation Control (AGC), Plant Interface (PI)
    • 7) Alstom / GE EMS / ABB EMS system. Current NERC System Operator Certification required (Reliability Coordinator Operator).
  • Travel to various unanticipated operations sites is required.
  • Send resumes by mail only ATTN: Jeffrey Rehfeld at 435 Pacific Avenue, 4th floor, San Francisco, CA