Wind Engineer

Job purpose/Position summary

Responsible for managing and analyzing wind assessment resources, designing and validating wind farm layouts, conducting wind resource assessments to calculate long-term wind farm net capacity factors, determining optimal meteorological tower locations and configurations, creating monthly reports using onsite and reference stations’ recorded wind data, and contracting independent wind consulting services to perform wind farm energy production assessments, site suitability analysis, and wind turbine power performance tests.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Manage meteorological campaigns, which includes determining the optimal number of met towers, their locations, and their configuration (sensor heights and orientations) for a given wind farm site
  • Ensure that wind data files are received on a daily basis from all met towers using NRG Systems software
  • Identify and document measurement errors and malfunctioning sensors using Symphonie Data Retriever, Windographer and WAsP software, and schedule any tower maintenance to be performed
  • Request and supervise quotes for tower installation and maintenance
  • Identify and validate meteorological data from Weather Stations in the area of the Projects (Reference Stations) to establish long term correlations
  • Coordinate with wind farm site mangers and land owners to schedule tower installation and/or removal
  • Create monthly reports using onsite and Reference Stations’ recorded wind data, including meteorological tower data reports (one for each tower) using Symphonie Data Retriever, Windographer and WAsP to determine the site conditions such as mean wind speed, prevailing wind direction, wind shear, turbulence intensity, expected long-term wind speed at different heights, air density, temperature, and extreme wind speeds
  • Create monthly wind farm energy production reports (one for each wind farm) using WindPRO, including wind speed and wind energy distributions, long-term hub-height mean wind speeds, long-term energy production estimates, energy losses, and diurnal and seasonal energy production patterns
  • Conduct wind resource assessments including quality-checking and removal of erroneous data recorded by met towers, performing onsite and offsite correlations and shear analysis to calculate long-term hub-height wind speed distributions at each met tower, running WindPro software to calculate long-term wind farm gross energy production, and quantifying energy losses to calculate long-term wind farm net capacity factors
  • Design wind farm layouts using WindPro or WAsP and mapping software/hardware applications (GPS devices, Global Mapper, and Google Earth), taking into account wind resource, land ownership, topography, and environmental issues (houses, utilities, sensitive habitats, water bodies) to determine areas available for construction
  • Use slope limit guidelines to determine terrain which is too steep for construction
  • Use wind turbine manufacturers’ guidelines and onsite measured wind rose to determine minimum turbine spacing and row orientation in order to minimize wake
  • Perform noise impact assessment and visual simulation
  • Choose turbine locations that maximize energy production and minimize roads and underground collector cable lengths
  • Validate the wind farm layout design by means of onsite visits
  • Execute and handle contracts for independent wind consulting services to perform wind farm energy production assessments, site suitability analysis, wind turbine power performance tests, and analysis of onsite SODAR data and regional wind maps


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Atmospheric Sciences preferred
  • 2+ years of experience in wind engineering or related field
  • Basic knowledge of fluid dynamics principles
  • Experience using NRG Systems software (Symphonie Data Retriever) and Windographer to identify erroneous meteorological data
  • Experience using GPS, Global Mapper, and Google Earth software and understanding of the principles of geospatial measurement
  • Experience using WindPRO and/or WAsP software
  • Basic knowledge of statistical analysis applied to wind data


  • Ability to understand regulations and standards for the wind industry and engineering documents
  • Ability to anticipate issues before they arise and proactively recommend creative solutions to problems
  • Strong critical thinking skills; ability to use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems
  • Strong communication skills; ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing
  • Strong interpersonal skills; ability to develop and maintain good relationships with others

Location/Working conditions

Position is located in San Francisco, California

Works primarily in an office environment

Position requires occasional travel to sites under development

Physical requirements

Required to use a computer for extended periods of time

Must be able to occasionally work outdoors under varying and possibly extreme weather conditions

Must be able to occasionally walk over uneven terrain

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