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NaturEner USA Deploys e-terra Energy Management System by GE

One of the nation’s leading clean energy companies just took its operating capabilities to the next level with a brand-new energy management system that will make renewable grid integration more nimble, sophisticated and scalable. NaturEner USA is pleased to announce the successful deployment of GE’s’ “full suite,” an e-terra redundant utility grade Energy Management System… Read more »

NaturEner donates $3,500 to Kidpack Program

By LeAnne Kavanagh – Pioneer Press Editor Five years ago, the volunteers of the Kidpack Program packed their first backpacks filled with food to send home with “food insecure” students. At that time, the Kidpack Program helped 24 families with 71 children. Two years later, 45 families with 110 children were being assisted. This year,… Read more »

NaturEner: Creating green energy to power 100,000 American homes

By Kristi Calvery for the Valerian Wind turbines stood tall amidst the tumultuous grey clouds building in the sky, as I pulled into the lot at NaturEner. Up close, the large structures seemed formidable. Not long after I entered Howard Cliver’s office, his cell phone buzzed with a notification, “lightning detected at seven miles away.” … Read more »